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Thank You, No Thank You

Have you every been apart of something so touching that it just puts a big smile on your face, warms your heart… Continue reading

The Power of Touch

What if you could give a patient just a moment to relax and escape the reality of life? Oncology massage is just the way to do it. – See more at:

One word so much confusion…

Survivor: one simple word surrounded by so much confusion but yet so much meaning. – See more at:


Life has a lot of uncertainties, but what can you do to help the emotional state of mind? – See more at:

1,2,3…Ready Set Go!

It’s a new year, new you… learn how you can help patients get on a healthy track this year. – See more at:


This is the time of year to reflect on what you are grateful for, but have you tried to express it through art? – See more at:



There is an instant bond that forms when cancer survivors are together, much like superglue.

– See more at:

What’s Next? What’s next for Cancer Survivors after treatment?

What’s Next?

What’s next for Cancer Survivors after treatment?

– See more at:

What is the 24 Hours in the Canyon Cancer Survivorship Center?

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